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SEO is Dead. Long Live Content Marketing.

In fact, 'content marketing' has been the king all along.

You probably already know that in order to be competitive online, you need to be posting content (articles, photos, videos, tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates, etc.) consistently.

For most businesses, this is a huge overhead in terms of time and cost, especially if they do not have a staff member designated to doing this on a daily or weekly basis. Sometimes the owner takes the task on, but ultimately it's probably not the best use of their time.

If you agree your business needs fresh content created regularly, but you acknowledge that it is not a core competency except perhaps the occasional article or video, we have created the Content River for you.

Content River is a customizable system that collects topics, creates relevant content around these topics, and posts to the desired destination (Youtube/your website/Facebook/etc.) automatically, without you having to worry about any of it. You can decide to include a staff member as a moderator or even a writer within the system if you choose to.

Although Content River is an automated system, it relies on people to create and moderate the content, so there are no concerns about duplicate or spun content that can get your website punished by search engines.


To get Content River set up for your business, or to get more information about how it works, call 1-877-752-0852 today.


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